Our offices located in The Netherlands and Russia.

"Solar Freight" company provides services in the field of international transportation and acts as a custom representative, helping our customers to find optimal solutions for the delivery and clearance of their freight.

Our company has compiled the professionals who have received operational experience in leading logistics and trading companies. The company has formed a team of specialists, which we are proud. The search for optimal solutions to perform tasks for project deliveries, the relationship with the customs authorities, the organization of logistics, advice on accounting and tax transactions related to international trade - all this falls within the competence of our employees. They are not just professionals - they are the practitioners of foreign economic activity (FEA), familiar with all its aspects. Offices of our company located in Russia, and the Netherlands. Agency partners network, verified over the years allows us to solve any logistical problems in any part of the globe.

This allows the company "Solar Freight" work quickly and well, gives us confidence that in various parts of the world, our customers will always receive the expected level of quality of our services.

The main scope of our activities, we have chosen the organization of complex international logistics solutions "door to door". Make the execution of logistical tasks simple, transparent and fast - these are the main tasks of the daily work of our company. To do this, we solve a lot of transport, customs, legal and communications issues that arise in the way of preparation and implementetion  of cargo delivery. The ultimate goal of this work is to organize delivery of your cargos with minimal time and financial costs. Experts of the "Solar Freight" Company  seek after international delivery and customs clearance of cargo  become simple, clear and not burdensome task. Our experience shows that this "Solar Freight" provides a full range of logistics services using any kind of transport required for optimal delivery.